Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Race Tyre
Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Race Tyre
Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Race Tyre
Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Race Tyre

Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Race Tyre

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Continental Grand Prix 5000

The Grand Prix 5000 surpasses its predecessor on almost all performance fronts. With less rolling resistance, lower weight and increased comfort, the Grand Prix 4000S II has been knocked off the throne after a long time.

Equipped with the latest technologies.

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 is equipped with the latest technologies. An updated version of Continental's Black Chilli Compound provides the perfect balance between rolling resistance and grip. With the 'Lazer Grip Technology', the shoulders on the tread of the Grand Prix 5000 are roughened. This gives the GP 5000 optimal grip in corners. Also, this laser profile improves airflow around the tire for improved aerodynamics.

More stability and comfort.
In addition, the GP 5000 features an updated carcass. The new 330tpi, 3-ply construction is stiffer than the carcass of its predecessor. As a result, the GP 5000 boasts improved stability in corners and at high speeds. The tire is also equipped with an Active Comfort layer. As the name suggests, Active Comfort provides a high level of riding comfort. The "Active Comfort layer" has a shock absorbing effect and dampens the vibrations from the road surface, and that without affecting the rolling resistance. Thus, the Grand Prix 5000 provides a comfortable ride with optimal rolling resistance.

Improved puncture protection.
Finally, this Continental tire features an updated version of Continental's Vectran anti-puncture strip. This additional inner layer provides enhanced protection against punctures. Continental claims that the risk of punctures is reduced by 20 percent compared to its predecessor. With this, Continental makes a significant contribution to the durability of the Grand Prix road bike tires. With the Grand Prix 5000, Continental introduces the new heir apparent!

Winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2019: An award for products in the bicycle industry with great distinction!


Black Chili Compound
Continental's designers went back to the drawing board to further perfect the Black Chili Compound of the Grand Prix 4000 SII. And they succeeded! Several test results show that the Continental GP5000 scores higher on rolling resistance, durability and wear resistance.

LazerGrip Technology
Continental has machined the edges of the Grand Prix 5000 with a laser. The laser profile grips optimally to the road surface. This gives you increased grip when cornering. At high speed and wet conditions, you'll feel the difference!

Active Comfort
Under the skin, a shock-absorbing layer has been applied. This Active Comfort layer dampens the vibrations and oscillations from the road surface. The increased comfort allows you to stay in an aerodynamic position for longer. This gives you an unparalleled riding experience.

Vectran Breaker Layer
The Vectran Breaker layer is an anti-puncture protective strip under the tread. This strip prevents sharp pebbles, twigs and glass shards from passing through the outer tire and reaching the inner tube. With this anti-puncture strip, you enjoy increased puncture protection.

- Available in 23, 25 and 28 mm for 700C (28 inch)
- 330tpi, 3 layer construction
- 10 grams lighter than the Grand Prix 4000S II

- 23-622, 700 x 23c: 200 grams
- 25-622, 700 x 25c: 225 grams
- 28-622, 700 x 28c: 240 grams

 The weight stated by the manufacturer may differ from the actual weight. The deviation is usually small and is due to variations in the manufacturing process.





French / Presta


Rubber / Butyl

Thread per inch (TPI)

3 x 110

Deployment tire

Road bike

Tire type

Folding tire

Suitable for tubeless


Season type

Spring / Summer / Fall

Weather conditions

Dry and warm / Cold and wet

Roll resistance/speed


Leak resistance