What Is Graphene?

It is ''the material of the future'' to cycling products. It is a nano-technology material that will help produce stronger, lighter, and more wear resistant wheels. Graphene has astonishing properties which set it apart from other materials. 

Graphene-enhanced composites have 10~30% improved material properties. Tests carried out by external laboratories, found that introducing graphene into the rim’s carbon-fiber matrix has a great positive impact:

  • Graphene reduces temperature build-up
  • Graphene decreases wear on the brake surface
  • Graphene increases spoke-hole strength measurably
  • Graphene significantly improves lateral stiffness
  • Graphene reduces the weight of the wheels

The disadvantage of most carbon wheels is the braking power on rainy days, which is why we make our wheels with special lasered grooves in the braking surface, combined with graphene, this provides incredible braking power in the rain, and it keeps the temperature of the rims under control. We also supply special Veloce graphene pro brake pads for the graphene-carbon wheel sets, which improve the braking power even more.


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