Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180
Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180

Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 - DT240 / DT180

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The perfect all round wheelset, extremely aero, lightweight, stable, stiff and yet comfortable. Specially made with graphene-carbon composite.

45 Deep | 25 Wide | Hand-Built in Holland

The Veloce Stellar Pro 4.5 wheels have a pro worthy name. They push the boundaries of modern wheel technology, by using graphene-carbon composite technology, to increase impact strength by 20% at the same weight. Also, it reduces the temperature build-up, they are extremely wear-resistant, improves the lateral stiffness, increases the spoke hole strength and it makes the weight of the rims incredibly low. Braking in the rain is also no longer a problem because of lasered grooves in the braking surface.

The rims are aerodynamically optimized to maximize drag reduction, when paired with 25mm to 30mm compatible road tires, and have amazing control in crosswinds. The design of the wheels have a silent stealthy look and use a special semi-gloss finish, to make them look incredible in every way.


Click here for more information about graphene-carbon composite.

The Highlights

  • The rims are made out of high-end graphene-carbon composite, which is highly wear resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 300+ degrees, so you can safely descend in the mountains. Also, the rims are extra light and stiff due to the graphene.
  • Special lasered grooves in the brake rim ensure that water is discharged in wet weather, so they reliably brake in all conditions.
  • Extremely aero due to a special rim shape and flat aero spokes.
  • Optimized rim width specifically designed for tires from 25mm to 30mm.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Tubeless ready for less punctures and less resistance while driving.
  • Special varnish lacquer that is sprayed over the veloce logos to keep them aesthetically pleasing forever.
  • 100% Handbuilt with a lot of attention and precision in the Netherlands, to get the perfect balance between stability, durability, weight and flexibility.

Tech Specs

Rims - Graphene-carbon composite, extremely durable, super light, and stronger than all of today's carbon rims, made with lasered grooves in the brake surface to brake reliable in all weather conditions. Also tubeless ready, for lower weight, less rolling resistance and better puncture protecting.

Spokes - Sapim® Straightpull CX-Sprint spokes, excellent aerodynamic characteristics and a very high stability.

Quick Releases - Veloce high-end stainless steel/aluminium quick releases. Reliable, smooth and super light. Anodized black finish with lasered Veloce logo.

Included - Quick releases, Graphene Pro brake pads, tubeless valves, DT Swiss® tubeless tape.


Wheelset weights:

Veloce hub

1410g +/-15g

DT240 hub

1410g +/-15g

DT180 hub

1380g +/-15g

Rim specifications:

Rim depth


Rim width


Internal width


Carbon type

Toray T800 blended with graphene

Brake type

Rim brake

Hub specifications:

Hub width:

Front wheel


Rear wheel


Bearing specifications:

Veloce Hub

High-grade sealed EZO® precision bearings

DT240 Hub

DT Swiss 240 bearings

DT180 Hub

DT Swiss 180 Ceramic bearings

Spoke specifications:

Sapim CX-straight pull

Spoke count:

Front wheel


Rear wheel


Spoke pattern:

Front wheel


Rear wheel

2 Cross

Nipple specifications:

Sapim® aluminium - double square secure lock

10-11 Speed compatible rear hub


Max Recommended Rider Weight


Max Tire Pressure


Not Only Wheels

3 Years Warranty - Veloce covers your wheels with a 3 year warranty (after registration) for material or workmanship defects.

Crash Replacement - In case of bad luck, Veloce wheels are covered with crash replacement for 2 years.

Hand Built In The Netherlands - Build with a lot of attention and detail in Volendam, to make the most reliable, fast and lightest wheelsets.