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VOLENDAM - He doesn't have a lot of space in his bedroom, but Samuel Runderkamp furnished this place as a workshop. He makes handmade carbon racing bicycle wheels. "I like the technique of the bike."

"I used to work on the wheels of my racing bike," says Samuel Runderkamp in front of the NH News camera. "I had very cheap wheels and I tried to fix them."

Eighteen-year-old Volendammer and his father Aron came up with the idea. The two of them spent many hours in the car on their way to cycling races. Contacts were made there and by now the cycling world knows how to find him better and better.

Samuel makes about five to six sets a month in his bedroom. Samuel distinguishes himself by making the wheels by hand. "This way I can work more precisely. This gives you better proportions between the spokes and that means that they last longer."

At the moment Samuel works daily in his bedroom, but in a few years time he hopes to do this somewhere else in his village. "I want a shop in Volendam, where cyclists come to drink coffee and look at the wheels and then buy."

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