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Samuel Runderkamp (18) builds high-quality carbon racing bicycle wheels manually
Road cycling world gets introduced to Samuel Runderkamp's hand spoked carbon racing bike wheels

What did you do when you were 16? Samuel Runderkamp founded his own company, Veloce Bike Wheels. From the bedroom in his parental home, he created the most advanced racing bike wheels using materials such as carbon and graphene. His bedroom now looks more like a workshop than a place to sleep, but as long as Samuel can exercise his passion it doesn't matter. The young Volendammer produces the high-quality bicycle wheels entirely by hand, at a cheaper price than the competitors who produce on a large scale.

Many prominent cycling enthusiasts from inside and outside the municipality already know where to find Samuel. "For me, the best compliment is that such enthusiastic riders prefer my wheels. At the moment I mainly have to talk about it from mouth to mouth advertising, so that they are so satisfied ensures more brand awareness in the world". Of course Samuel himself is also an experience expert when it comes to a good racing bike. He has been cycling with his father Aron since he was ten years old. A year later, an eleven-year-old Samuel rode his first races.

Someday we would make the best, hand-spoked racing bike wheels ourselves

I noticed that he was doing well and started to ride more races. During the car rides to the races, my father and I were always talking about making our own bicycle wheels. Someday we would make the best, hand-spoked racing bike wheels ourselves." The moment came sooner than expected for the young creative. At the age of sixteen I took part in a youth NK and during the preparation I noticed that I was not satisfied with my bicycle wheels. They were aluminum wheels with a bump in them. It was the only set I had at the time, so I decided to improve them myself. I bought the right tools and then went on to work and test them until they were in the best condition possible". A layman would be more inclined to go to a specialist, but Samuel is so technically skilled that he prefers to take up the challenge himself. This attitude has given him his own business. 

In 2018 Samuel went to Bormio in Italy for a real cycling holiday. The idea of starting his own company in carbon racing bike wheels had already developed considerably. I already knew exactly what I wanted, but all I needed was a name and investors. Since we were in the car for 24 hours during the trip to Italy, I had enough time to come up with a suitable name. I discovered that the word veloce is Italian for fast." Veloce Bike Wheels was born. Once back in the Netherlands, I registered with the Chamber of Commerce and began to work.

Since we were in the car for 24 hours during the trip to Italy, I had enough time to come up with a suitable name

Samuel came into contact with manufacturers all over the world. Normally these companies only deliver in large numbers, but for me they made an exception. One of the suppliers said you should give small businesses a chance too. I'm very grateful for that." After endless testing and modifications, the Volendammer was finally satisfied with its first set of carbon bicycle wheels at the end of 2018. Of course, only one set in your range is not enough, so I started thinking about improvements and other models. In 2019 I designed the Stellar Pro wheels, with which my range consisted of four different sets. It was a good start, but I was still a long way from what I wanted to be".

In 2020 Samuel has already produced more than 50 bicycle wheels. And all from his bedroom. I make carbon bicycle wheels with a graphene rim. In my opinion, these are the best racing bicycle wheels available on the market. A big advantage of my wheels has to do with the graphene rim. Carbon is known to brake badly in the rain. That's why I had a graphene edging lasered into the side of the wheels. These wheels brake perfectly in the rain. Another advantage is the heat tolerance of the wheels. The wheels can get extremely hot when you brake, especially in the mountains this is a well known phenomenon. Standard carbon can tolerate an average of 230 degrees, but the Veloce wheels can tolerate 300 degrees. So they last much longer than the usual carbon bike wheels".

Samuel's high-quality bicycle wheels have not gone unnoticed in the Netherlands. I have been interviewed by the largest Dutch cycling magazine and will soon be in Grinta, Belgium. In addition to the interview, a review of my wheels will also be made. I give them a set of Veloce wheels which they then put through all kinds of tests. After the test period they write a review about it". A review that can be found online about Veloce Bike Wheels reads as follows: "I think they look very nice and the price is quite competitive for a handmade carbon wheel set of this quality. In addition, I do see a big grant factor for someone who just started doing this when he was seventeen".

Despite the young cyclist studying mechanical engineering full-time, he has once again managed to expand his product range. "I supply the complete wheel package: disc brakes and rim brakes. Starting next August, customers will have a choice of twelve different types of wheel sets. For the experts among us, I can mention that the DT Swiss 240 hubs will also be added to the collection. Cyclists can be quite precise, which is why it's a good thing that I deliver custom-made products for every customer", he laughs.

What I can promise in any case is that I will always make the wheels hand-spoked. After all, that's what sets me apart from the competition.

At the moment the bicycle wheels are still being built on his bedroom, but when Samuel graduates new plans are being rolled out. It is my dream to have a workshop someday and to be able to do this fulltime. What I can promise in any case is that I will always make the wheels hand-spoked. After all, that's what sets me apart from the competition."